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Welcome to www.Prediktor.dk
-the homepage of Prediktor

Prediktor is an on-line system for predicting the production from wind farms. It provides you with the expected production of your wind farms and the hub height winds out to typically 48 hours every 6 hours. All you need is to have on-line access to output from a NWP model. Prediktor is part of the Zephyr family of prediction software.

Prediktor is a commercial product developed by the Wind Power Meteorology research programme (MET) at Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy / DTU in Denmark and belongs also to the WAsP-software family.


February 2011
New report on State-of-the-Art in Short-term Prediction released: 109 pages, over 380 references!

Prediktor installed in China, India, Taiwan and Turkey

13 April 2006
Website revamped

3 April 2006
Prediktor installed in Northern Ireland

March 2006
Prediktor installed remotely at Tokyo University

30 September 2005
PSO-Ensemble project finished

1st January 2004
EPRI project in Texas finished

1st October 2002
Prediktor bean implemented in CleverFarm server

8th September 2002
Optimised version of Prediktor launched in EPRI project in Texas

1st May 2002
ESB trial run extended for a further 3 months

22nd February 2002
Optimised version of Prediktor launched in ESB project

 l10th May 2001
ESB funded Prediktor on-line for Irish wind farms 

15th April 2001
Prediktor on-line in the US (Texas)

16th October 2000
Prediktor to be installed at ESB in Ireland, in a co-operation with University College Dublin

1st October 2000
Prediktor to be installed in the US in a project funded by EPRI and DOE

27th September 2000
Poster award about Prediktor won Poster Award at the Wind Power for the 21st Century Conference in Kassel

25th September 2000
Prediktor presented at Wind Power for the 21st Century Conference in Kassel

2nd May 2000
Prediktor presented at AWEA's WindPower 2000 conference in Palm Springs, California (talk, picture of the wind farms)

4th April 2000
IEA experts meeting on short-term prediction at NREL in the United States on 4th and 5th of April. Prediktor presented together with a great many other prediction models (picture of participants [330 kB], short report).

1st April 2000
EU funded project CleverFarm to start. The prediction part of this project is handled by Prediktor.

13th March 2000
www.Prediktor.dk launched

3rd March 2000
Prediktor on-line in Spain

1st January 2000
Prediktor to be implemented in a project with CIEMAT in Spain for two wind farm locations


Gregor Giebel, Ris� National Laboratory